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Wastewater System Design Criteria Stakeholder Group (DCSG)

Meeting schedule, agenda, summary from past meetings and related information for this voluntary open-participation group formed to receive comments and suggestions regarding the design criteria for domestic wastewater collection systems.

Participation in the Wastewater System DSCG

The Advisory DCSG was created on July 23, 2002 and is open to the public. Anyone interested in the design criteria for domestic wastewater systems may attend and participate in the DCSG meetings. This is a voluntary group of participants that currently has representation from consulting firms, law firms, engineering firms, consumer groups, environmental organizations, municipalities, industries, and government entities.

Notice of Upcoming Stakeholder Meeting

The most recent Wastewater System Design Criteria Stakeholder Group meeting was held on March 6, 2012. The TCEQ hosts statewide stakeholder meetings to exchange information and ideas on the focus of the program and to receive feedback about recent activities. The meetings are held as needed to address significant issues facing the program. The Water Quality Division will post notices in advance of future meetings. The time, place, and agenda will be posted on this site as needed.

Summaries and Handouts from Past Meetings

The files linked below are in various file formats. (Help with Downloading Files.)

Handouts (PDF)
Handouts (PPT)
2012 03/06 NotificationAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 03/06-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 03/06-SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 03/06-WebcastExit the TCEQ 03/06-HandoutsAdobe Acrobat PDF Document -
2011 11/01-NotificationAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 11/01-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 11/01-SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 11/01-WebcastExit the TCEQ 11/01-HandoutsAdobe Acrobat PDF Document -
2007 - 05/08-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 05/08-SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document - - 05/08-HandoutMicrosoft PowerPoint Document
2007 - 01/11-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 01/11-SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document - - -
2007 - 01/09-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 01/09-SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document - - 01/09-HandoutMicrosoft PowerPoint Document
2006 - 12/14-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 12/14-SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document - - -
2006 - 12/12-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 12/12-SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document - - -
2005 09/12-NotificationAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 09/12-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document 09/12-SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document - 09/12-HandoutAdobe Acrobat PDF Document -
2000 - 07/20-AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document - - 07/20-HandoutAdobe Acrobat PDF Document -

*The Webcast meeting video is available by clicking on “Advisory, Stakeholder Group and Special Meetings” at: the TCEQ

Related Documents

EPA’s Getting in Step: “Engaging and Involving Stakeholders in Your WatershedExit the TCEQAdobe Acrobat PDF Document

Staff Contact

For more information or to suggest topics for meetings, call our main Water Quality Division line at, 512/239-4671. We can also be reached via e-mail at and/or