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Download Raw Datasets

Raw data available for download in ascii, Excel, and similar formats. Includes geospatial data.


Texas Air Monitoring Information System (TAMISWeb)

Generate and download predefined reports containing air quality data and associated information stored in the TAMIS database.

GeoTAM ViewerExit the TCEQ

The Geographical Texas Air Quality Monitoring viewer can access information about air quality monitors, view and print maps of areas of interest, and obtain details about selected air monitors and their surrounding area.

Point Source Emissions Inventory

Download site-level summary emissions data.

TexAER (Texas Air Emissions Repository)

Access TexAER to create, export, and print reports on non-point air emissions inventories from on-road mobile, non-road mobile, biogenic, and area sources. TexAER contains historical, current, and projected future case emissions inventory data, as well as control strategy information. You can customize your report to include specific locations, source classification codes (SCCs), time periods, units of measure, and other parameters.

Effects Screening Level Lists Used in the Review of Air Permitting Data

Download previous and current effects screening levels (ESL) lists used in the review of air permitting data, and sign up to receive ESL-related announcements.

Daily Maximum Eight-Hour Ozone Averages

Maximum eight-hour ozone averages measured daily from yesterday back to 1997.

Eight-Hour Ozone High Value Days

Averages that meet or exceed 85 parts per billion ozone. Data available from one hour ago back to 1997.

Four Highest Eight-Hour Ozone Concentrations

Calculated from TCEQ monitoring site data available from today back to 1997.

High One-Hour Ozone Values

Measurements of high one-hour ozone concentrations.

Peak Daily One-Hour Ozone Averages

Maximum one-hour ozone averages measured daily from yesterday back to 1996.

Texas Cities' Compliance with Eight-Hour Ozone Standard

Report for the fourth highest daily maximum eight-hour average ozone concentrations in Texas Metropolitan areas.

AERMOD Meteorological Data Sets for Refined Screening

Links to background information and new zip files containing one-year and five-year meteorological data sets for each county for use with AERMOD.

Meteorological Data Sets by County for use with ISCST3 and ISC-Prime

Data sets that are listed by county, showing meteorological conditions.

TexAQS II Field Study: Data

Technical data collected by the TexAQS II Field Study for analysis in determination of its findings.

New Source Review and Federal Air Operating Permits, and Emissions Cap and Trade

Includes both pending and completed permits.

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Waste Management

Municipal Solid Waste Facilities

Download Microsoft Excel files containing data on MSW facilities from TCEQ databases.

Active Scrap Tire Handlers and Facilities

Download Microsoft Excel file containing information about active, registered scrap tire handlers and facilities in Texas.

Industrial and Hazardous Waste (IHW) Datasets

Texas Solid Waste Activity statewide files from PARIS (Permit and Registration Information System).

Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) Datasets

Information associated with the PST facility data with optional tank data.

Dry Cleaners Dataset

Statewide current dry cleaner site owners listing, refreshed quarterly. Lists name, location of business and contact information.


Hydrology Layers

Links to geospatial data layers relating to water or hydrology.

Hydrography Maps and Data

Links to the Atlas of Texas Surface Waters, data for Level 4 ecoregions, GIS data for classified segments, and other hydrology data layers for use in ArcGIS. Statewide hydrography maps and map-based viewers for surface water information.

Sampling Data Query, Surface Water Quality Monitoring

Includes queries and metadata for accessing surface water quality monitoring data for Texas.

Surface Water Quality Monitoring Information System

Select TCEQ monitoring stations to view and optionally download sample data.

Groundwater Conservation Districts

Locally governed districts for the management of groundwater supplies, with limited management planning oversight by the Groundwater Planning and Assessment Team. Map, contact list, and other useful links.

Finding Information about Water Wells in Texas

Links to resources that can help you locate information on water wells.

TCEQ Land Use / Land Cover Layers

Land use/land cover spatial data layers in ArcView Shapefile format. Includes information on Edwards Aquifer, Arroyo Colorado, and Brazos Colorado.

Water Rights Database and Related Files

Data from all active and inactive surface water rights permits and water supply contracts.

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Compliance History

Download current list of compliance histories or search the compliance history database.

General Geospatial

Site Layers

Download site layers.

TCEQ Regulatory/Administrative Boundaries

GIS layers in ArcView Shapefile format that detail regulatory/administrative boundaries of the TCEQ.


Current TCEQ Contracts & Purchase Orders

Monthly report required by the legislature.

TERP Grant Summary Reports

Information on projects funded to date.

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